REALLY RECORDS Out of the Woods

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  • Six musicians, six tracks, six logs. Really's new release is a site specific project to be discovered in Grunewald Forest Berlin.
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  • Naturally Digital is a series of music experiments which captures the meeting between digital and natural.The aim of this series is to challenge human behavior and to alter music composition and perceptionby bending the thin line which ideally separates these two realms.
    Out Of The Woods is the first step of a journey inside the nature of music, a 4 km walk on the terrain of music distribution and fruition.The experiment consists in moving the search for original music away from homes, record shops and urban landscapes.6 musicians composed 6 tracks which are presently hosted in 6 dead logs within Grunewald Forest Berlin. Each log has been geo-tagged on a public google route map for people to explore the forest and freely download the compilation.
    Enjoy the walk...
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  • Musicians
    Josh Winiberg
    Dogboy aka. Alan Doe

    Lorenzo Cercelletta - organization, installation, design process & video editing
    Valentina Ciarapica - main video shooting & editing
    Katrin Dathe - installation support
    Wiley Hoard - photographs
    Matthieu Pons - organization, installation, design process & website coding
    Gino Ruggeri - backstage video shooting & editing
    Juliane Teitge - organization, drawings & installation
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