Reality Results In Fiction

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  • A project about the way we visualize reality and how we form our own reality based on different articles and images about one subject. Although the viewer decides whether an image or article is reality or fiction, we are influenced by the way the image or article is presented. For example, a photograph is believed to be more ‘real’ than an illustration, and a news article is ‘true’ because it is printed in a newspaper. When we read an article or view an image, we create a certain point of view on that subject based on the presented information; this is your first ‘draft of reality’. The more knowledge you gain about the subject, the more ‘drafts’ you create. Different facts will be confirmed or debunked, until you eventually create your own reality that hovers between fiction and reality.
    Self initiated x 10 poster, 5 silkscreen posters and a publication x 2012