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Educational campaign – Child Abuse Action group
Real monster Mask – Child Abuse Action Group

When you’re handed a free monster mask on Halloween everything seems perfectly normal. Until what you find inside drives home a chilling truth – “The scariest monsters don’t look like monsters.”

Halloween is all about getting a few harmless screams out of little ones dressed as Spiderman and bumblebees. Our campaign aimed to disrupt this very mindset. Volunteers handed out free monster masks to parents at neighbourhood “Trick or Treating” events, at costume hiring shops and mall Halloween displays. Parents expected a ghoulish zombie mask, but found the face of a very friendly looking “Joe Soap” instead.

The message from the Child Abuse Action Group (CAAG) reminded parents of the upsetting reality that abusers look just like the rest of us. Parents were directed to the CAAG’s website for a list of safety tips to help ensure that when our kids say “Happy Halloween” – it really is.

Accolades: Bronze Clio 2011, Creative Circle Ad of the month