ReadyToWear Colour Finder

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  • ReadyToWear -Colour Finder
    Interactive Flash-piece designed for Web, a system you can use to find designer garments in your choice of colour, by your choice of designer, and even in your choice of collection.
  • This software allows you to pick a colour, and  find all the designers and their Ready to Wear -collections that have incorporated the colour of your choice. You are then able to go through these collections and see the garments in your choice of colour. The system can also be used to find colours by designer, for example, one could find all the colours Calvin Klein used in their Ready to Wear Spring/Summer Collection 2010.

    The system is aimed at fashion enthusiasts, buyers, stylists etc. who are looking to find designer garments in a certain colour. The system can also be used as a way to explore the use of colour in the fashion industry, since by navigating through the system, one can get an idea of what colours are/were favoured by designers at a certain time.

    Feel free to try a limited demo version of the system to get a better idea on how the system should work through working examples. The demo version comes with guidelines for easy navigation through everything that works. Yellow dots represent everything that is clickable.
    Please be patient, since the loading time is rather long.

    Access the DEMO here:

    Instructions for using the system (also accessible within the software by moving the cursor over the left hand side of the screen, or over the “ReadyToWear Colour Finder” text in the lower right hand corner):

    Pick a designer and a collection
    - Find your possible colour choices
    Pick a colour
    - Find all the garments in your choice of colour
    Pick a colour
    - Get your designer and collection matches
    Decide on the collection
    - Find all the garments in your choice of colour
    Click on the background to go back.
    Click on your choice of garment to print.