• Client: Reactor · Lisboa
    Art Direction, Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Reactor is an online theoretical lab were the Portuguese and International Design Culture are dissected and observed with a magnifying glass by José Bártolo, a Professor, Investigator and President of the Scientific Board at ESAD (an Art & Design University, Porto), who works to promote the investigation, expansion and the understanding of Design as a discipline, originally created to help Humanity to reach a new and sustainable level of its own Evolution.
    When we were asked to make its visual identity we were inspired by its intentions and as well by the fact that a reactor is a device that contains and controls a chemical reaction or is a system that supports a biologically active environment.
    Later, Reactor wanted to promote, on a regular basis, the work of young Portuguese designers and studios in a project named “Selecção de Esperanças”, which could be translated as something like “Promising Selection”.
    With total freedom to create its call for entries poster, we let ourselves loose and dived into different tastes of translucent greens meaning different voices expressing their hopes and dreams for the Future, and into some more warmer colours, expressing the need of a more passionate way to embrace life in a country that unfortunately insists on flirting with Pessimism.