"Re-Animator 1 & 2" Blu-ray release

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  • "Re-Animator" 1985 / "Bride of Re-Animator" 1990
    double feature Steelbook Blu-ray release.
    Brian Yuzna productions 
    (Re-Animator 1-2, Beyond Re-Animator, Society, The dentist 1-2, Rottweiler, etc...). 

    I had the pleasure to be contacted by the gentlemen from Capelight Pictures (Berlin, Germany). 
    They wanted to use some of my Re-Animator artworks to make their Blu-ray "Steelbook" cover. 
    Here is what they did with it. Thanks to Steffen Gerlach and his team!
    ©Capelight pictures MMXIV  ©datalaze MMXIII
  • The steelbook Blu-ray is already available for pre-order here and will be officially released
    on February 28th, 2014.  (uncut version(s) - english and german languages/subtitles).
    Below is the original post with initial artworks.