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Illustration for a financial annual report
Rates, Loans, Fights & Storms
Annual reporting's visual metaphor
Since I was younger I've aspired to draw one of those dry-witted cartoons in the New Yorker (yes, I was an odd child). But having had no such luck so far, I use my day job as an outlet.

If you're really into reading annual reports, you may have seen some of this work. However, my guess is that no one in their right mind reads the damn things save the proofreader. I really don't blame them, no one gets excited about tying their shoes either. With that said, I'm happy to supply the decoration. Annual reports are a cool place to try things out that have been pushed aside since my introduction to The Far Side.

Below is my take on New Yorker style illustration. Each pencil drawing turned digital illustration accompanied a subhead in an annual report for one of Chicago's largest commercial and retail banking corporations. In my preview here, I've nixed the headers and cut out the riffraff to share the more interesting metaphors. How half of this relates to banking is beyond me but the journey to the final product was a fun one.