Rap em Cartaz

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  • Rap em Cartaz  é meu projeto artístico de intervenção urbana que visa chamar a atenção das pessoas e despertar nelas o pensamento crítico através do mix de cartazes lambe-lambes com frases inteligentes, arte e design.
    A primeira fase do projeto foi custeada por crowdfunding: 50 cartazes (270x420mm) foram impressos e colados no centro São Paulo.

  • *Subtitles: Google Translate
  •  "RAP EM CARTAZ"  está entre as 60 Razões para amar SP (Revista Época, maio 2013).
    *"RAP IN POSTER" is among the 60 Reasons to Love San Paulo  (Magazine Época, May 2013).
  • *Forget what you have in your pocket / Show me what you got in the skull.
  • * My only job is to elevate the soul of others so that supper is sick.
    *House "cob wall" with essence mansion / the edge of the cliff doing meditation.
    *Molech studies / E with care / To go to college and become "beast".
    (Note: in Brazil, beginners in college are called "beasts")
  • *I went to see if it flows.
  • *Is independent or die.
    *The city has life but never dared to tell you / You do not live in the city / She who lives in you.
  • *God is everyone smiling at the same time.
    *TV is shit / I'd rather see the moon.
  • *Bring the tape so I can listen to / because I do not / mainly that of Jorge Ben.
    (Note: Jorge Ben, acclaimed Brazilian musician who moves between different styles: samba-rock, bossa nova, jazz, maracatu, funk, ska and hip hop, with lyrics that blend humor, and satire, and esoteric themes).
    *Take photo is easy, I want to see who is portrayed.
  • *If Marx was the Brazil / write in the book / Revolution is with Sig Sauer / selective fire!