• Random Works

    by Christoph Ruprecht

    ( Music: "Raute" by Farben )
  • 1.
    Experiments with digital distortions
  • Avatar Series "Through the Photon Belt"
  • Avatar Series "Through the Photon Belt II"
  • Avatar Series "Through The Photon Belt II"
  • 2.
    A quick typographic experiment with lines.
  • "Schaltkreis" (Circuit)
  • 3.
    Fooling around with the assimilation/match tool in Illustrator
  • "Mind over Matter" Posters
  • 4.
    Another take at abstracts...
  • "Untitled"
  • 5.
    This is kind of how I image advanced interstellar biospheres to be like...
  • "Biosphere I"
  • "Biosphere II"
  • 6.
    I`m working on a isometric typeface at the moment and these are some previews:
  • "Like a dream" (The Cure lyrics excerpt)
  • "Buckminster Fuller" (Portrait of a Genuis)
  • 7.
    I did some distortion on the image in the background below and the organic and psychedelic feel reminded me of the ayahuasca visions in Blueberry, a movie by Jan Kounen, which I really like. So I did a quick DVD Cover / Poster.
  • "Blueberry" DVD Cover ( I highly recommend watching it btw..)
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