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Ramblito is a cafe in Larissa and I came up with the name inspired by the famous  Las Ramblas street in Barcelona. When I was assigned the job, I tried to do something that would combine both a contemporary and a classic style. I applied my skills in a pen illustration . My inspiration came from Barcelona and the famous Spanish artists. Here are the results. :) I hope you enjoy and appreciate my work. 
Ramblito logotype
The famous Las Ramblas street!
Drawing Las Ramblas
Finish Las Ramblas :) 
Installing wallpaper ...
Finish wallpaper
Drawing objects for flyers, pricelist.
Take away brochure.
Take away brochure.
Price list border.
Self Service fonts on price list border.
Mens apron.
Womens apron.
Draws for Paper cups.
Draws for paper cups.
Paper cups for take away.
Paper cups for take away.
Paper cups for take away.
Stamp with logo for the bags
Quote for Ramblito. Poster design.
Draw for a quote, Cursor Design quote! 
Draw for a quote, Cursor Design quote!
Moring without you... Cursor Design quote... coming soon more quotes and draws :) 
Thank you