Ramblito identity

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  • Ramblito is a cafe in Larissa and I came up with the name inspired by the famous  Las Ramblas street in Barcelona. When I was assigned the job, I tried to do something that would combine both a contemporary and a classic style. I applied my skills in a pen illustration . My inspiration came from Barcelona and the famous Spanish artists. Here are the results. :) I hope you enjoy and appreciate my work. 
  • Ramblito logotype
  • The famous Las Ramblas street!
  • Drawing Las Ramblas
  • Finish Las Ramblas :) 
  • Installing wallpaper ...
  • Finish wallpaper
  • Drawing objects for flyers, pricelist.
  • Take away brochure.
  • Take away brochure.
  • Price list border.
  • Self Service fonts on price list border.
  • Mens apron.
  • Womens apron.
  • Draws for Paper cups.
  • Draws for paper cups.
  • Paper cups for take away.
  • Paper cups for take away.
  • Paper cups for take away.
  • Stamp with logo for the bags
  • Quote for Ramblito. Poster design.
  • Draw for a quote, Cursor Design quote! 
  • Draw for a quote, Cursor Design quote!
  • Moring without you... Cursor Design quote... coming soon more quotes and draws :) 
  • Thank you