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Photo story about 'Kaalapoottu'.
Kaalapoottu is an annual festival, held during the post harvest season in the villages of Kerala. It is a bull racing competition and the freshly ploughed fields are put to best use by creating a racing track for the oxen and bulls. The fields, known as ‘kandams’ are filled with water and the muddy water splash about as the bulls are raced by their guides. The villagers gather around these fields keeping safe distance. The air is rent with excitement fervor as there is stiff competition over these races. The audience cheers the favorite entries and emotions run high throughout (noon to sundown) as long as the competition lasts. These guides, like Matadors are adept in managing the bulls and steer them in the right direction during the course of the competition. The bulls and oxen to are specially bred and trained. They are well fed and well groomed.

Location: Maabattumoola, Kerala