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University project in response to D&AD North lecture promotion set by Kessels Kramer brief.
 I want to change the effect rain has on people that come to visit Manchester.  Instead of just rain just being a nuisance, something that makes you wet and uncomfortable, I wanted rain to be beneficial to people rather than just beneficial to the environment and plant life.  Rainy Days is an app that transfers the amount rainfall into a voucher for a rainy day activity, such as going to the cinema, to a restaurant, etcetera.  Now when you look outside the window and you see rain streaking the window panes, people won't think, "Oh, I'm going to need an umbrella"... They're going to think, "I hope it keeps raining so we can go out for a pizza." That is the aim of Rainy Days.
Promotional posters:
How it could look on an iPhone:
A free gift could be claimed using the points system:
Photography is not my own.