Raining inside

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  • Raining inside

    Thefoil interests me not only as a paintable material but also its colourlesstransparent reflective capabilities, giving it significance for its potentialof portraying and catching human emotions as a material. The starting point isan absurd situation in this scenario yet the interpretation itself is setbeyond the naturalisticaly painted details. I wanted to portray an ordinaryhuman individual who's hiding her body from the rain of everyday problems intoa plastic shell in her home as if she was afraid that the upstairs neighbourwould soak her apartment. This shell could mean our very own realities, ourpersonal limitations against the world. We subdue ourselves to thisdramaturgically well conceived world of illusions of which we decide forourselves when to get rid of - just like the raincoat that we can take off andleave behind at any given time.
  • Raining inside I.
    oil on canvas