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  • Railways In Rome
    RFI International Competition
    2nd Place
  • As the Italian Rail Network (RFI) suffers from severe congestion in major traffic zones with delays in travel time, it set forth to strengthen the system and optimize its capacity by making funding available for a high speed network.  The international competition, introduced by RFI, seeks for ideas on how to treat regional and metropolitan train stations and stops occurring through out the rail network.

    This project proposes a modular system that considers passenger traffic with connection to platforms via tunnels and fly-overs and treatment of components such as waiting areas, kiosks, and benches.  Because there is such a potential for mass distribution of these design scenarios it was important to notice how an element can be successfully repeated and still share in an individual’s identity, and how those implications affect the identity of the town/city in Italy by a rail way station.

    Design of the elements is simultaneously considered on levels of: economy affecting fabrication, scale distribution, customization, site integration, integrity and comfort.  Each Station has the potential to have a specific identity and share a familiarity for the regional and the metropolitan stops.

    The initiatives for both the regional and the metropolitan stops are inherently agile, and sensitive to defining and maintaining an authentic sense of place. With a prescriptive deployment; the singular modules turn into threads that spatially weave each scale of platforms simultaneously.  Customization becomes a method of identity for a lasting assembly that envelopes an innovative sense of arrival and place for the future stops throughout Italy.


    2nd Place
    Rete Ferroviaria Italia
    Italian Railway Competition
    Rome, Italy
    Competition 2007

    Designer / Co-Founder

    Marcus Martinez
    Amna Ansari

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