• Raiki is a magical boy made of wood.
    He was created by energy from lightning in the midst of a mysterious forest. He also has hidden powers, which his friends will help him discover during his adventures.
    The origin of his name is Japanese; it comes from the combination of two kanji characters:
    Rai, which means thunder and ki, tree. The combination of these elements has provided Raiki with his very special powers.
    -Raiki Boy is a personal project, you can check all the details at http://www.raikiboy.comYou can also follow Raiki on facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/raikiboy
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  • Chapter #01: The Origin
    In the first chapter you will see the origin of Raiki.
    You can see how the machine manipulates the wood of trees
    through the different stages to create Raiki.-
    (Animation coming soon...)
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