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Portfolio of editorial and marketing video content.
Campaign video I scripted and produced for UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights NGO with special consultative status at the UN Human Rights Council. Video screened at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy ( before diplomats and human rights activists.
Recruitment marketing video. Produced concept, managed production, wrote script, identified b-roll, and guided creative direction.
Viral marketing video I concieved and scripted to drive brand awareness of SmartMoney Magazine. (SmartMoney is now part of MarketWatch.)

'Snicka' is a short film I wrote, filmed, and produced during my participation in The Filmshop, a Brooklyn-based filmmakers collective ( This short screened at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and was distinguished as 'The Best of Filmshop'.'
Video reel of my on-camera presenting. In addition to presentation, I scripted and produced each video.