Rachel Solomon talent and production portfolio

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  • Campaign video I scripted and produced for UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights NGO with special consultative status at the UN Human Rights Council. Video screened at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy (www.genevasummit.org) before diplomats and human rights activists.
  • Viral marketing video I concieved and scripted to drive brand awareness of SmartMoney Magazine. (SmartMoney is now part of MarketWatch.)

  • 'Snicka' is a short film I wrote, filmed, and produced during my participation in The Filmshop, a Brooklyn-based filmmakers collective (http://thefilmshop.org/). This short screened at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and was distinguished as 'The Best of Filmshop'.'
  • Video reel of my on-camera presenting. In addition to presentation, I scripted and produced each video.