Racetrack font

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    R A C E T R A C K
    Last winter I took part on a type design workshop
    TypoTopo in Slovakia  to work on this typeface.
    All the participants should concentrate on one topographic
    feature and I chose the highways and roads. I took the first concept
    a bit further and I focused mostly on shapes of race tracks.
    I am a huge fan of old Formula 1 and this is a nice way
    recycled all the F1 cookies. 
    Even though I like letters in all form, I don't really
    do type design and this was my first confrontation
    with fontlab ever. Because in this case it was better to work
    in outlines, 
     into many
    unneccesarry anchor points, so there is still
    a lot of cleaning to do.
    I am currently working on this project again,
    so stay tuned for updates.