Race against time.

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  • Race against time

    Audi After Sales wanted to connect with Audi drivers and fans to emphasize the quality of Audi Top Service. We created a facebook based pitstop game that did just that. 'Race tegen de klok' generated more than 12.000 likes in just 6 weeks.

  • Game trailer.

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  • Render of the pitbox.

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  • Agency: Doorn & Roos

    Concept: David Bergmans, Jeroen Flink & Wilbert Leering

    Game development & Production: TribewiseRhinofly

    Online Strategie: Matthijs Roumen & Bas Gezelle (Tribewise)

    3D production: VizVis

    Soundtrack & Sound design: Big Orange

    Trailer: A Cow Says Moo