RUR - PF 2013
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Pour Féliciter form RUR company
I am so excited to show you this project. Back in November I have decide that our company (RUR) need a nice "Pour Féliciter" to show our clients and partners. I wanted to invent some sort of a mascot, a silly robot character and try to animate him in a short sequence. So I put together a design, model and textures and show it to my co-workers. After their feedback began the hardest and also funniest part for me. For the first time in my life I had to animate a CG character. I am also standing behind the smoke effect and the final composition. So you can see how personal this project was for me :) Nevertheless I would not have done it without the help from Frantisek Hradecky (Rigging), Jan Bubenicek (Supervising/Sound) and Vlada Miklus (huge help with the animation)