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Wallpaper for Desktopography 2012 exhibition.
Desktopography 2012 - 7th

Now a bit more then seven years sience Pete Harrison started this amazing project,  
what is become favourite very quickly at the time. So I decide to celebrate this mystic number with an relaxing and peaceful image what is ended up with this photomanipulated style, with this 'surreal' and symbolic composition.

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Yes, It is kind of religious theme, (no, I'm not religious) and I believe the way somewhere an higher intelligence('s) creating solar systems, galaxies like this or species by just consciousness
(or whatever) in Our infinite universe. So I wanted to show this "intimate" moment of the seventh day, what maybe we just cannot perceive, but we can understand.

! warning ! sentimental content !
Some of you are know I'm a music addict person (It is keep Me alive!), and this piece has just started on an ambient selection when I created this artwork, and touching me deeply. :)
So I decide to share with you, and maybe you'll like it.
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The wallpaper, what you can download here!