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    various stuff i did for my streetwear label
  • You love trash? Perfect! I do, too. Delve into the depths of the RRROBOT universe and meet the trashlove-couple, naked as god created them in his image.
  • This is my tribute to one of the funniest tin cans in cinema history. Close to the next short-circuit with more screws loose than healthy, he’s always ready for a session of electric boogie. This is ARRR 2.
  • The GOOD LIFE is right here. It's your life, and whatever people say, you alone are painting the picture. So make sure to use some fresh and bright colors … and wear this shirt.
  • Mad crazy science straight from the RRResearch-lab. Holla at the first five-colored and seamless gradient print RRROBOT ever made. Mighty fRRResh.

    This one is only performable by hand, machines can’t touch it.
  • TRRRasherbell is far away from being your ordinary little fairy. Instead of studying magic formulas in fairy-school, she drowns her brain in screwdrivers while wondering about this thing called ladyshave. Make a wish!
  • Steampunk Willies' pipe never runs out of bubbles! This dude's crazy, taking you on a joyride through your brain. Come and taste mother RRROBOT's machine-milk, cuz what's good for Willie can't be too bad for you.

    All aboard & full steam ahead!!

  • Here comes muscle beachs' nightmare. TRRRashbot is flexing so hard, all the chicks catch a fever! 
    Every other dude can pack and leave, cuz ladies love cool RRRobots!
  • Cops come, but thugs never drop the gun! OG Jabba knows best. Click-Clack!!