RPM World: Virtual Drag Racing

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    Multi-player Virtual Drag Racing Game in Flash
  • This game was conceived in 1999 and was my first experience with Flash.  The game launched in 2000 and steadily grew in popularity.  By 2003 it was a true multiplayer experience, using what is now the Flash Media Server for peer-to-peer connectivity.  As many as 5,000 players per day would build a virtual muscle car, and drag race in real-time against other online opponents. 

    Production ended in 2005 as the game's popularity began to wane, and my focus shifted to other projects.  In four years the game had acquired 2.7 million registered user accounts, and offered many of the social gaming features no popular in games like Farmville and Mafia wars.  The viral success was largely due to a custom built affiliate program that I developed, which rewarded other web sites for embedding the game.