• ROOTS of Vegetal (Roots rug)

  • As every plant needs roots to grow, the logical extension ofVegetal chair’s nature-based design is a rug that literally roots thechair. The rug does not merely act as a bland background onto which the chairis placed but essentially forms Vegetal chair’s origin. 

    The chair’s footprint is projected onto the ground and then extendedoutwards into an organic network of spreading roots. Picking up the colorpalette of Vegetal chair various rug designs are generated and morevariety is achieved by introducing additional cross-lines into the root pattern.
    This rug was made for an invited competition for VITRA China to redesign Vegetal chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and was awarded second prize.

    Dimensions:1800mm Diameter, 100% New Zealand wool. With Sophia Liu Bo

  • Rug Pattern 2 / Color Variation A. The white chair seemingly dissolves into the rug
  • Rug Pattern 1 / Color Variation_A
  • Rug Pattern 2 / Color Variation B
  • Original Concept render
  • Roots rug prototype and VITRA Vegetal chair.
  • That's me, Florian Pucher, happy about my second prize