ROBERT GELLER, SS14 Show Invitation & Show Set

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    SS14 Show Invitation, Show Set
    Robert Geller is an award-winning NY-based men’s fashion brand. STUDIO NEWWORK was assigned to create Spring / Summer 2014 Show Invitation & Show Set.
    Robert Geller’s Spring / Summer 2014 collection reflects on Russian youth in the 1980’s and concentrates on a Soviet street yet intellectual Russia. It also spotlights growing up in a crumbling Communist community that had produced the likes of Malevich and Vladimir Tatlin.
    To incorporate with Robert’s interests in the vital avant-garde art movement during that time in Russia, our solution was to integrate basic geometric forms such as squares and lines and to play with a limited range of colors including black and red. The show invitation and show set are designed to correspond with each other.
    The invitation’s each folded panel was designed and considered to be visually appealing and stand alone.