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    Regional Express

  • Rex is a new Russian brand of express trains, developed by the Plenum Brand Consultancy agency. These passenger express trains already link Moscow with its immediate suburbs and with key cities in neighbouring regions. The name Rex comes from an abbreviation of the functional description "regional express", and the familiar name for a loveable dog, which has become the brand character. REX’s positive image and clear brand style help it to stand out from the mass of uncomfortable "regulation" trains — this could not be achieved with a restrained, conservative visual style.
    The agency has done everything required to develop and launch the brand: from creating the name and brand style to interviews and decisions on routes. We are proud of the work carried out and of our investment in creating more comfortable surroundings. 
    To develop a brand of new intercity express trains.
    Key aims 
    To deliver on the promise of new standards of rail travel and a comfortable service to customers.
    To form the image of a modern, exciting and friendly company.
    How we arrived at this type of graphic design
    The Russian rail system is undergoing modernisation: unfortunately worn out, uncomfortable electric trains, queues, crowding and a lack of service are the realities of the market.
    Bright and provocative visual choices are required to create a new type of rail journey - comfortable, quick, and modern. That’s why we developed REX's brand style in the way we did: bright, exciting and positive. 
    What in particular makes us successful? 
    A clear, unusual image within a conservative market allows us to clearly set ourselves apart from the masses of uncomfortable and worn out trains. Rex the dog, the brand character, who is recognisable in the blink of an eye, literally embodies friendliness and a comfortable, "homely" service.
  • By Plenum Brand Consultancy.
    Brand Consultant Ilya Lazuchenkov
    Brand Analyser Katerina Palshina
    Art Director Egor Myznik
    Designer Egor Myznik, Marianna Katina
    Project Manager Alice Askerova