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Submission for Chapter 2 of Revuh's 8th Exhibition, Alice.
[Alice in Wonderland]

An adaption by the Revuh Collective

The Revuh Collective is back! After a long period of inner change and hard work of setting up a complete new site and making an other artpack (will be released soon too!) we're returning to the scene with something unique for you. We're proud to present ‘Alice in Wonderland’, offering a full narrative of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland novel written by Lewis Carroll. Our team has created a multitude of scenes presented through high quality creative works, with no restrictions on the mediums used. The scenes in the story are demonstrated through photography, digital painting and photo manipulation. We are very excited to present this unique method of story telling to you. We, the Revuh collective, invite you to our adaption of the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, enjoy!

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