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  • "Megabeg, Rob Contained Himself". 2013. Ink, spray paint, solvents, on plastic paper. 
  • Choking (in the) Marina. 2013, Ink, spray paint, oil, solvents on plastic paper. Sold to a Chicago collector along with "Eric".
  • Resampled Bathwater, 2012; oil, ink, spray paint, powder pigment over collaged digital print.

    The first piece constructed after graduating from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Eric. 2013. Ink, oil paint, spray paint, solvents, on translucent plastic paper.
    Sold to a Chicago collector with "Choking (in the) Marina".
  • Yamakata's New Eyes, 2012; oil, ink, spray paint over digital print. 
  • Mistook, 2012; acrylic paint and ink over DuraLar paper. 
  • All Together Now, 2011; oil, ink, powder pigment, tape, spray paint over translucent DuraLar and paper.
  • Consul, 2012; oil, ink, and spray paint over collaged digital print. 
  • Amanda/Olivia/Nadia Goes Out On The Town, 2012; oil, acrylic paint, ink, spray paint, powder pigment on paper. 
  • Your Words are Shreds, 2010; oil, spray paint, ink on canvas. 
  • Obsidian Misfire, 2010; oil, ink, glue on foamcore board. 
  • Rockwell Knuckles, 2011; oil, spraypaint on board combined with digital image. 
    Used in story-boarding and site mock-up for the St. Louis MC Rockwell Knuckles. 
  • Beats For, 2011; Oil, ink, spray paint over DuraLar and twine. 
  • Flood Clot, 2011; oil over canvas. 
  • Auto-Cadre, 2010; ink, spraypaint, solvent, powder pigment on canvas. 
  • Black Cross Says Do Something, 2010; watercolor and ink on paper. 
  • Self Portrait, Seemingly Past Slipping, 2009; ink, paint marker on paper.