Fast pace of everyday modern life, especially in big cities, deprives us of time for relaxing and enjoying a peaceful environment, such as idyllic landscapes, meadows, shade of tall trees, etc. While contemporary cities, „trapped“ by concrete, metal and glass, banished greenery and floral surfaces, at the same time need for such elements of nature is growing bigger. Idea and design of this lamp try to answer this kind of needs.
  • The purpose of this lamp is concentrated on providing both aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and multifunctional piece of furniture, and on the other side, it wants to introduce visual interpretation of natural form into the interior of our habitats. This product can be used as adjustable lamp, which can give a small beam of narrowly focused light when it's put down, close to the table-like wooden surface, or it can give wider ambiental light when it is put up, to its highest position.
  • The height of lamp head is controlled by its cord, which is pulled trough upper elements of lamp's construction. It can be also used as a small coffee table, with cushion storage on one side, which can be used as a depository for book, newspapers, magazines, decorations or some other smaller items, when cushion are out.
    By combining these two usages, this lamp restores balance between daily duties and time for rest, relaxation, meditation, drinking coffee/tea, reading, catching up with friends, roommates, family, etc.
    The idea behind this design is twofold:
    - Visually it should resemble the tree itself, most common and distinctive form in nature. The resemblance is achieved by using matching colors: lower parts of the lamp are brown, like the trunk, while the upper parts of lamp are green, like treetop. Also, the shape of the lamp can be identified with natural elements on another visual level, since the design of its base and construction that holds the lamp head are imitating roots and branches. Using green cushions that are incorporated within small table, in separate storage, can give the impression of sitting in the lush grass. In short – it should bring back nature in people's everyday habitation.

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