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  • This is a small impression of my new collection that still needs to presented in 2013. -Reflect Horridus- Thorny/beastly reflection. Animals like the Moloch Horridus ( the thorny devil) , protect theme selfs with there spiny skin. Being very dark and mysterious looking, because of the bizarre skin, but at the same time being a small and fragiel being and when you look up close so many details will show.. The pieces from the collection are very powerful looking , sculptural and brutal. But the details are very fragile like the use of reflection glass, almost breakable but strong in combination with the silhouette. Reflect Horridus will be presented in 10 outfits , made out of leather or fake leather, silk wires, lots of handwork, illustrations made by hand and reflection glass. The reflection glass,normally used for traffic signs, gives the high fashion pieces in the collection and the material another function, it looks like sparkles of light or shiny jewellery. The reflection also resembles my ideas of fashion,stay open for imagination and away from trends and reflects it back into the world.