REA Fresh Start Project

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  • Real Estate Australia - Fresh Start Project
    Art direction, lead design 
  • The Fresh Start Project was designed to bring to life's spring campaign message: 'We help more people get a fresh start than any other property site'. Instead of just saying it, we wanted to use digital to actually GIVE someone a fresh start. Some one that really needed it.

    The aim of the campaign is simple. Build a new home, for a family in need, through people’s use of

    As users interacted with they collected ‘bricks’ which they could donate to the 1 million brick target and publish their involvement to Facebook using Facebook Connect. This made their use of visible to their friends list without disrupting their use of the site.

    The 1 million target was smashed and in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Australia, the house build got underway.

    The campaign won an IAB creative showcase award.
  • Social brick collection on the REA website
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