RCA Posters 1948/1965an exhibition of posters created by RCA students
    held in the Henry Moore Gallery of the Royal College of Art
    from the 1st to the 8th of May 1992
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    A major new exhibition revealing the rich history of graphic design at the Royal College of Art since 1963. 'GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years' will illustrate how, over the past half century, the RCA has been at the forefront of all major developments in graphic communication.
    Public Exhibition Open:
    5 November - 22 December 2014
    10am - 5:30pm daily / Free admission
  •  Poster/catalogue for the exhibition:

    RCA Posters 1948/1965
    by Michele Jannuzzi, 1992

  • A selection of posters featured in the exhibition:

    by Alan Fletcher, 1053–56

    RCA goes Horrorball
    by Trevor Hodgson, 1967

    History of Nothing | Eduardo Paolozzi
    by Brian Haynes, 1960–63

    Theoloniuos in Action
    by Ken Sequin, 1961

    Paths of Glory
    by Neil Godfrey, 1958–61

    Tin Star
    by Barrie Bates (later Billy Apple), 1962

  • Let Yourself Go
    by Keith Arthur Price, 1965

    The Work of the Royal College of Art
    by Geoffrey Ireland, 1948

    The Nature of ‘Pop’ Art
    by Neville Malkin, 1963

    La Notte
    by Brian Alexander Denyer, 1960–63

    Young Commonwealth Artists
    by Barrie Bates (later Billy Apple), 1961
  • For more information and more of the posters in the exhibition please visit: