R A I A  D I N I N G   T A B L E

    Raia is a wooden table  that manages to transmit lightness and elegance despite it’s solid construction. This is only possible by combining the best techniques of craftsmanship with the most technologically advanced machinery. 
    A functional and versatile table, great solution as a dining table or a desk.

    D E S I G N E R 
    Studio Gud
    D I M E N S I O N S 
    W 1800 H 750 D 950
    W 2000 H 750 D 1000
    F A C E   T O   F A C E  B O O K S H E L V E S
    Face-to-Face is a solid wood four-rack shelf that can be used on both sides, in the traditional way against a wall or as a divider between two areas.
    Is a fairly customizable product: available in oak or walnut and in 3 different sizes, doors slide both sides and each wooden panel functions as a framework that can remain natural or be personalized with images.
    D E S I G N E R 
    Bruno Serrão
    D I M E N S I O N S 
    W 1430 H 1810 D 410 
    W 1830 H 1810 D 410 
    W 1375 H 1385 D 410