RADR- power drill for radial surfaces

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  • Radr  is a power drill which can be used for drilling on pipes or other radial surfaces with great precision.  'Form follows its Functionality',as a small addition of form feature allows it to clamp and a simple mechanism gives the precision drill on the pipes or any other surface. Drilling on pipes is a tough one man job as it first, requires good clamping.  With the existing power drills,locating the exact point is not as easy, as  machine slips because of radial surface.Existing press drills are designed to overcome this but its portability is an issue and it can't be kept for domestic use.  The Radr is given a clamping shell.This shell has V-shaped structure at its front and it helps to clamp the pipe in its centre. At this position, the cross section  point of the V-edges is always aligned vertically to the centre of the pipe. This guides the tool to drill at the point on the pipe, perpendicular to the center and this gives a precision drill.The form of the shell itself plays an important role  in the functionality.When the clamping shell is back in the normal position, it  is like a normal power drill and can be used anywhere.