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Live concert with music and painting in same time.

Past exactly twenty days after the date of August 31, 2012, a date that going forward will forever be associated with the multidisciplinarity.

In Conceição Ribeiro Theatre, Ricardo Medicine and João Pedro Fonseca joined under the pseudonym of RA + JP to, for about 40 minutes, merging two kinds of arts so distinct and so close: cold and machinelike music and whooping and spasmodic painting .

The end result was a single screen, that will remain forever as one of the visible faces of the second edition of TRC ZigurFest. The concert, in turn, was captured on video by Ricardo Cabral and André Teixeira, edited by Joao Pedro Fonseca and is now available for free viewing on the world wide web.

This concert marks the beginning of a collaboration that is expected long and fruitful between these two artists and, hopefully, a series of events and unique and metamorphosed records.

Video Live Concert