R Design Porto Alegre 2013

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  • Brand Elements
    The Concept
    Expansion is the idea of seek to be more than you are, to absorb everything around us. To think that our potential is infinite, and the fuel is design itself.
  • Vídeo manifesto exibido no RDesign Curitiba 2012. | Video manifesto exhibited on the RDesign Curitiba 2012.
  • The Symbol
    We targeted to represent in the symbol the greatest expansion symbol existent: the universe. And the main concept of the brand are the elemental forces of nature (gravity, nuclear and eletromagnetic) explodind from one point, the big bang.
  • The typography
    The font used is Signika, which harmonizes very well with ahh the curves of the symbol.
  • The Colors
    The first color is the dark blue, from the space background, the impression of immensity it causes when it's the main color.
    The second color was adopted as "energy", what you expect to come from an explosion. Plasm is a state of matter where electrons' reactions occur all the time, pure energy becoming visible color.
  • Brand in use.
  • Projeto do Evento. | Event Project.
  • Sketchbook com ilustração de Yuri Junges. | Sketchbook with Yuri Junges' illustration.
  • Sketchbook com ilustração por Lara Rösler, Marina Alvarez e Vivian Ribeiro.  | Sketchbook with Lara Rösler, Marina Alvarez and Vivian Ribeiro' illustration.
  • Sketchbook com ilustração de Andréa Moreira. | Sketchbook with Andréa Moreira's illustration.
  • Camiseta com ilustração por Yuri Junges. | T-Shirt with Yuri Junges' illustration.
  • Camiseta com ilustração de Lara Rösler, Marina Alvarez e Vivian Ribeiro.  | T-Shirt with Lara Rösler, Marina Alvarez and Vivian Ribeiro' illustration.
  • Banner para ser usado como fundo para fotografias. | Banner to be used as background to photographies.
  • Exemplo de uso do banner 01.| Banner usage example 01.
  • Exemplo de uso do banner 02.| Banner usage example 02.
  • Produtos para venda no bazar durante o RDesign Curitiba 2012. | Products for sale on the bazaar during the RDesign Curitiba 2012.
  • Detalhe do banner ao lado do bazar. | Banner's detail next to the bazaar.
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