QuickBites Farmers' Market Challenge - Cioppino 2012

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  • From: SFGovTV | December 2012

    “Quick Bites” is a show about food. More succinctly it’s about the food culture that permeates San Francisco and how interwoven its presence and effects are on the daily lives and choices of San Franciscans. “Quick Bites” aims to highlight the many fabulous facets of San Francisco food culture. These are facets that intrigue & delight visitors, international travelers and locals alike. The goal of “Quick Bites” is to discover, educate & highlight the diverse & burgeoning San Francisco food scene. This program aims to follow the current food trends like food trucks, educate viewers on sustainable neighborhood gardens and how locals can participate, teach how to cook some tasty & budget friendly meals from fresh and organic ingredients purchased at San Francisco’s plethora of farmer’s markets…….the list goes on. 

    Awards: First place winner of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) Award for Community Awareness 2012. First place winner of the 2012 SCAN 16th Annual STAR AWARD for Instructional Programming.
    Executive Producer:  Jack Chin
    Production Supervisor:  Michael Freeman
    Producer:  Jennifer Low
    Director:  Greg Burk
    Camera Operators:  Greg Burk, Caroline Loubert, Jennifer Low
    Lighting:  Greg Burk, Caroline Loubert
    Audio:  Greg Burk, Caroline Loubert
    Talent:  Halili Knox, Bill Dillon
    Editor:  Tom Loftus
    Graphics:  Mark Bunch