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  • "Que Tiguere" is a poster series I created using Dominican slang phrases, incorrectly. I named the series "Que Tiguere" sarcastically, as if referring to some one who wants to be cool but is not really in the know. I got the idea from realizing that many of the slang words came from incorrect interpretations of other words. For example the term "Goga" orignally refers to the spanish word "Demagogia" and became slang for a "hater" o "una goga". I took both terms, Goga and "a cuarta chuleta" (which literally means , a forth of ¬†pork meat away" but is used to refer to things that are close by) and used them as if some one was trying to order that at their local bodega (or colmado) which for someone who didnt know the terms, would be an easy mistake to make. Just as a joke, poking fun at both the terms and the people who use them incorrectly.¬†