• Express Your Shelfquirky’s qubicles are a modular shelf system - great for storage ofyour favorite books, pictures, CD’s, collectables and more. qubicles issold in sets of 3 cubes but feel free to buy as many sets as you’d like- all sets are interchangeable with one another.Each set comes with an easy to follow assembly instruction manual, a lightweight steel bracket system, and screws. Once you install the bracket system (screwdriver not included) forthe first time, you can put up your Qubicle cubes and take them down atany time without having to take out the tools again. Customize yourlayout and arrange and re-arrange your cubes whenever you’d like!Feel free to stick to one color family or mix and match to yourdesired creativity. Qubicles are available for pre-sale in groups ofthree cubes for $32 a set. Additional variations (including single aswell as bulk packages) will be available when this product moves intoproduction. Each cube is 10in x10in x 6in with the inner storage areaof each cube being 8in x8in x6in.