Qube Tape Dispenser

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  • Qube Tape Dispenser
    Group Collaboration
  • This project was a huge challenge, due to the fact that it was a group project across 3 different majors, all at different levels in our educations. My graphic design packaging class worked with industrial design and packaging students. I learned a lot about collaboration, stepping up and being a leader.

    Our concept is based off of a cubical (Qube) and we wanted to create a product that could serve as a fun decoration on a desk. The package was screen printed and we planned to release the product in 4 colors; CMYK. We were also told to create a point of purchase display to reflect our design. At the end of the project, we presented to a large panel and it was a great experience overall.

    My Packaging Design Teammates: Krista Farrell, Jodi Larson & Katie Remaly
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