QR coded, TSS Annual Report 2011 Your world | Our world

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  • Total Specific Solutions consists of eight IT companies in The Netherlands, Belgium and Rumania.
    The companies have an innovative approach and a dedication to their products, clients, and entrepreneurial spirit. The Annual Report on 2011 was developed with a concept ‘Our Shared Business’, which we
    translated into ‘Your world | Our world’. The theme expresses the differences between the clients’ and TSS’ worlds, that, combined, reach a common goal: develop solutions that anticipate the market’s demand.

    The Report is built up in three main storylines:
    • Results, expressed by cases of each company within TSS;
    • Recognition, expressed by way of photography that show the contrasts and similarities of
    TSS and its clients, and by way of multimedia, reachable through QR-codes;
    • Facts, a graphic representation of the company’s year results.
    Client: Total Specific Solutions (TSS)
    Project: Annual Report 2011 // Dutch and English version
    Agency: Total Identity www.totalidentity.nl // Total Public www.totalpublic.nl

    Advisor and text: Dmitri Berkhout
    Creative Director: Edwin van Praet
    Design: Edwin van Praet, Yu Zhao
    Photograph and film: Corb!no
    Desktoppublishing: Paul Monster
    Development: Jan de Groot
    Client Services: Erik Mastebroek
    Print: ANDO