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  • An identity was required for the Queensland College of Art's new Design Future's Course, which focuses on sustainable and socially just design. A department logo and two symbols representing a person educated in design futures and an industry professional who uses design futures principles were created.

    The identity represents one small act starting a chain of events which could be both positive or negative depending on the design. This is demonstrated in the department logo, where a blue geometric DF (for Design Futures) represents a piece of design going out into the world. The green diamond represents the first point of contact which starts a ripple effect permeating through culture as more and more people are exposed to it.

    The brand empowers prospective students and demonstrates the often untapped potential graphic design assisted by a contemporary design featuring striking neon colours contrasted with black backgrounds and a dynamic use of diagonal lines. The brand is extended through a custom-made typeface based on the diamond shape of the department logo and motivational brand language.