Q Center of Design

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    Corporate Design
    for a Museum

    curated by Aleix Artigal 
    at Bau - Escola Superior de Disseny
    Barcelona (Spain), 2010
    Q center of design is the new museum of design in barcelona. Q is a global value added for design. Q answers questions of design with the four disciplines fashion, product, interior and graphic. 4 disciplines: Interior Design, Graphic-design, Product Design, Fashion Design. 4 mechanisms: Museum, Diagnosis, Search, Action. 4 areas of action: Professional, Company, Institutions, Users.

    Design in transition. The impulse to be in constant motion. The claim to be flexible, without losing identity. The ever-changing form describing the flowing of time and space expansion. The 4 categories among the disciplines, mechanisms and actions still remain connected and have the center as a source: Q. centre of design.