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Book illustrations and editorial design for Professor Balaram Singanapalli's "Q&A on Education" a book compiling his interview.
Professor Balaram Singanapalli, Pioneering Designer, Educator and Design Thinker was interviewed about the state of education and its values in India. This book, which contains many short, often witty euphemisms to general questions was compiled as a book. Being his student, I was asked by sir to design and illustrate the book. 
We chose to approach it in a very simple monochromatic format. Each spread would contain the question and an illustration and the next spread would have the relevant answer and an illustration for the same. I approached the style of illustration from a very subjective, rooted indian way, studying my own roots and my country's cultural aesthetics. I tried to reduce till only the essence was left and tried to abstract the core of the text given.
We hoped to acheive a very relevant, rooted yet original style that echoes the essence of the words seemlessly.
Some spreads and the format of the book:
Illustrations from the book:
The lotus, a quintessentially Indian symbol of beauty and growth, was taken as the primary metaphor for education.
For the last section, which contained Balaram's thoughts on his own inspirations, i sought to illustrate the people in the chosen style. Seen above is the Indian Gurukulam system. 
Maria Montessorie
Rabindhranath Tagore