Pyramid of Kj'abcks - Video Game Design

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  • Since this is my last year at Northern Michigan University, my Electronic Imaging class and I were able to choose whatever we wanted for a group project. We decided to make a video game with Unity Pro. It's called Pyramid of Kj'abcks (Kj'abcks has all our first name's first letter's in it), and it takes place in an Aztec Pyramid, in a jungle.

    Caeleigh Girard, Alex Tilson, Joe Rule, Sam Stepanovich, Erik Lafave, Baily Floyd and Katie Plummer.
  • The first image is the starting area (the outside of the Pyramid).
  • This is the circle room. It's the first area in the pyramid the character encounters.
  • This is the first level; The Underworld Level.
  • This is the second┬álevel; The Sky Level.
  • This is the final level; The Kill Room.
  • This is the game-over screen.