Put Some Marmite On It

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  • The yeast based spread, Marmite, is currently topical in New Zealand, due to the recent ‘marmageddon’ as well as a much loved kiwi icon.
    This project explores the different ways that some people have decided to use it, with an ingenious, no.8 wire mentality. I took these different ways of using Marmite and packaged them with a variety of methods, according to their use. In reality though, they are exactly the same product – Marmite.
    I used Marmite itself to print with, as its consistency is very similar to ink, letter pressing the large letters that feature on each product using an old Albion hand press. In doing this I have created my own way of using marmite differently than originally intended, further displaying its versatility.
  • Simple use of a nail as a hinge

  • Text from poster:

    “New Zealander’s have long believed that they are blessed with a mysterious quality known as “Kiwi ingenuity”. This refers to the alleged ability to do and invent things with limited resources.
    This isn’t restricted to just no.8 wire, since 1910 Marmite has been in Kiwi’s cupboards and their lunchboxes, and so they’ve been busy coming up with resourceful and new ways of using it.
    Mother’s used to rub it on their nipples to wean their babies faster,
    Kiwis have been coating their roast chickens in it for decades,
    It helps us recover from our binge drinking,
    Its high vitamin content stops the sand flies from biting,
    And it also kept the soldiers on the frontline going during the War years.
    Perhaps this explains the recent crisis that the nation rationed and scrapped their way through. The situation was so dire, the Prime Minister appeared on television to urge the country to stay calm.
    It’s clear, marmite is in our blood; it’s black gold and as versatile as no.8 wire.
    New Zealander’s have proven, it’s not the size of the jar; it’s the way you use it.”