Put Justin Case in your case. Just in case

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  • J U S T I N  C A S E
    Justin Case trademark offers everything a traveler may need for a comfortable trip: umbrellas and lanterns, bags and cases, luggage locks and inflatable cushions (and many other things).
  • “The face” of the brand is an animated navigation pictogram with a speaking name Justin Case. In micro-stories depicted on the package Justin shows and suggests how his products can make the trip more comfortable.
  • Bright, lively package helps the brand to be more noticeable among other “functional” competitive trademarks, to stick in memory, and become a permanent travelling companion.
  • Within the project framework, Plenum Branding Consultancy team has developed the name, logo, corporate style, package for the whole assortment, and elements of sales outlet decoration.
    Brand Consultant Tatyana Kharitonova, Ilya Lazuchenkov.
    Brand Analyser Katerina Palshina.
    Art Director Egor Myznik.
    Senior Designer Olya Balina.
    Designer Marianna Katina.
    Project Manager Alice Askerova.