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3 Day conference for Purina's efforts in Social Media Awareness.
Purina Social Media Conference
Ramping Purina up with Mr. Youth
Purina held a 3 day event inviting various brand level participants, retailers, and industry level partners to acclimate and share social and online media best practices and approaches. Mr. Youth, was AOR for the project with me as ACD managing a creative team. The event was to be fun and approachable, and it was decided for a "Rock-N-Roll" tour theme. It felt pretty good to get all the event materials in hand and hear about such an awesome event via twitter from the onsite participants. It was real pleasure working with Chris Ayers, and being entrusted to fill his shoes on this one...
I'm no effects master, but I did really enjoy this After Effects treatment that played at the event... Blowing up stuff is always cool...
There were many HD monitors playing all sorts of enticing sequences, some of the more compelling went into the "App Gallery" which featured a variety of devices for people to experiment with, including apps that were noteworthy as leading examples of why Social Media is so powerful when utilized correctly.
There was of course lots of presentation decks... This was definitely one of the more rockin' slide designs...