• Free poster magazine
  • 5 artists/graphic designer in Rome decided to get together and realize a project. This is how the "Punto AI" free press poster magazine story began.

    Many italian and international artists took part to the presentation of our magazine, during multiple events in Rome, with djs, art exhibitions and live toys custom shows.
    Every artist received a Re-Turn toy, specially 100% handmade from the Punto AI team.
  • The preparation of the resin Re-Turn toy... some hard months of work and intoxication for our team. But we put lots of love in it definitelly!
  • ... and here it is, ready to get customized!
  • by GRA
  • by Biserama
  • by Fidia Falaschetti
  • by Elio Varuna
  • by David Vecchiato
  • During one of the events, there was also ¬†live Graffiti painting by our guest artists Biserama (GER) and dust (SUI)
  • The final wall
  • Cover of Punto AI
  • Back cover with Paper toy
  • ...some internal pages