Publicité Sauvage / 25th anniversary posters

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  • This poster was created for the 25th anniversary of Publicité Sauvage, a Montreal based bill-posting company. 15 poster exhibitions were put together throughout the city for the event, Paprika was approached to design the advertising poster for the 12th exhibition. Fundamentally, bill posting is the "war" of marking your territory before someone else covers you up – justifying the parallel of the urinating dog, making his mark on a wall. Additionally, the dog symbol relates to the company name which uses the term "sauvage", french for wild.
    Coupe Magazine Award, Toronto, 2012 
    Communication Arts Magazine Award, Typography Annual 2013
    Type Director's Club, New York, 2013 / TDC59, Certificate of Typographic Excellence
    Grafika Award, Montreal 2013
    Art Director's Club, ADC 92nd Annual Awards, Silver Cube, Miami 2013