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A University assignment where students were require to design and package a novel and roll-out.
University Assignment
Design and package a novel and roll-out.
Anathema (n) a thing accurse, devoted to evil
 Darryl, a successful young businessman and member of the ellusive illuminati, has a penchant for the dark arts and even darker sexual deviances, and finds himself obsessed with the young and confused Cindy, a recently widowed cardiologist who has returned to South Africa in an attempt to find peace within herself. Unbeknownst to her, Darryl's increasing obsession leads him to relentlessly stalking her, using his unlimited resources to track Cindy's every move.
Unaware that Darryl has even the slightest interest in Cindy, she falls head over heels in love with another man who she helps at the scene of an accident. The philanthropic romantic, Nadd Rama, inadvertently and unexpectedly becomes embroiled in the sadistic life of Darryl.
Digital Painting for Book Cover
Portrait of character, "Cindy", naked with a heart carved into her.
Book Cover: Flat
Rendered Book Cover
Book Launch Invitations (A6 105 x 148 mm): Scratch to reveal information
(This idea links to the actual book launch, where it is very dark and eerie.)
Pull Up Banner (2000mm x 800mm)
Placed in various book stores
DVD Cover: Flat
DVD Cover & Disk
Film Poster (for cinemas)
Film Standee (3m x 2m)